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VMWare VM Server OS & NIC Tuning Optimizations

VMWare VM Server Tuning – Windows OS & VMXNet3 Network Card Optimizations   In Windows, Open a command prompt window with elevated permissions and execute the following commands displayed in RED.   [Display the TCP stack settings] C:> netsh int tcp show global   [Disable specific TCP stack parameters] C:> netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled C:> netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel= disabled C:> netsh int tcp set global ecncapability= disabled C:> netsh int tcp set global netdma= disabled C:> netsh int tcp set global rsc= disabled   […]

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Install Windows Nano Server on VMware ESXi

In my lab, I have VMware ESXi hosts and I just want to deploy the Nano Server as a Virtual Machine so that I can play around with it, which is why the title of the article is how to install Windows Nano Server on VMware ESXi! Before we proceed further, let us look at […]

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How to deploy Windows Nano Server on vSphere

Windows Nano Server is a super lightweight version of Windows Server that was “built for the Cloud”. When I first heard of it I immediately became curious, because it resembles VMware’s ESXi in many ways: It is an embedded-like and headless system with a very small footprint and can be managed only remotely. It has […]

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Fixing Windows 2012R2 Hyper-V Role Failing At 99 Percent

installing the Hyper-V Role is straightforward on a new system, I have seen couple of scenarios where the Hyper-V role will fail on installation. Scenario conditions are outlined below: Fresh install of Windows 2012R2 Server. All Windows Updates applied then rebooted. Post reboot, Hyper-V Role was installed. Rebooted machine to finalize installation of role Machine […]

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6 Benefits Nano Server Will Bring to Hyper-V

In April 2015, Microsoft announced a new feature available in Windows Server 2016 called Nano Server. It is similar to Windows Server Core mode but remarkably smaller. Apparently there are big plans in store for Nano Server. Jeffery Snover, lead architect for Windows Server, consistently stated throughout the Microsoft Ignite event, “Nano Server is the […]

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