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Proud Father, IT Geek, and a Student of Life.

Hi my name is Cesar, I developed an interest in computers during my senior year in high school and during that time I worked for many different technology retail stores which gave me an opportunity to see how fun and exciting technology was and how I could use it to improve peoples lives.

But it was truly God’s blessing for my family to meet Deacon Ramon Smith and his family. Deacon Smith during that time was studying for his MCSE 2000 certification. When I told him I had an interest in computers, he showed me his elaborate client/server network that he built it was awesome! when he gave me a quick tutorial on Domain Controllers and Active Directory, I was instantly hooked, that was the moment that led me to embark a career in IT.

Deacon Ramon Smith didn’t hesitate and took me under his wing and showed me the ropes on how to build and support computers/networks. His mentoring and teachings were key to my success as an IT Professional and I owe him the world for that. During my journey in IT I took different technical courses which took my computer networking skills to the next level. I currently hold multiple IT certifications and the I am still proactively working on achieving Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and Cloud certifications to expand my knowledge.

Since 2003 to the present date I have held different IT positions such as: IT technician, Help Desk, Systems Analyst, Network technician, Data Center technician, Service Desk Supervisor, Sr. Systems Engineer, and most recently Sr. Cloud Engineer/Architect.

In this tech blog I plan to post many topics from basic general IT to vendor specific setups/configs. I hope you find this blog informative and helpful.


an IT Geek

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