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Group Policy: Deploy a Google Chrome Extension

Google provides an option between an ADM file (windows 2003 server) and an ADMX file (windows 2008). Once imported, the ADM/X file will add additional options to your Group Policy Object. Click here to download the ADM file (Server 2003) Click here to download the ADMX file (Server 2008) Please open your Group Policy Management console. Right […]

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GAM – change Google licenses in bulk

If you need to change Google Licenceses from Basic to Business do the following.   Export user license list.   gam print users ou licenses >> licensefile.csv    Run GAM commands to change the licences. Gam commands to run after lists are separated   Gam CSV deskless.csv gam user ~primaryEmail update license gsuitelite from gsuitebusiness  Gam CSV business.csv gam user ~primaryEmail update license gsuitebusiness from gsuitebasic  

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How to Get Weather Forecast In PowerShell

We will use an open source web service wttr.in to fetch the weather forecast. Wttr.in can be used not only to check the weather, but also for some other purposes. For example, you can see the current Moon phase. In PowerShell, there is a special alias “curl” for the built-in cmdlet Invoke-RestMethod, which can retrieve the URL […]

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How to connect to Microsoft Azure using Powershell

Install the following components on your system to connect to your Microsoft Azure subscription using PowerShell: Microsoft Online Service Sign-in Assistant for IT Professionals RTW Select the appropriate version of your OS Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version) The 32-bit version is discontinued by October 20, 2014. You must be a tenant administrator […]

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How to Import a Group Policy Object’s Settings into Another Group Policy Object

You may sometimes find it necessary to copy Group Policy Objects (GPOs) from one Active Directory domain to another. This can be useful when you want to apply the same policy settings to groups of users or computers in different domains within a multi-domain forest, or when you are performing a migration from one domain […]

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Enable IMAP on all Exchange 2013/2016 Servers

IMAP and POP3 are disabled on Exchange Server 2013 and 2016 servers by default. Chances are if you need to enable it, you’ll need to enable it on all your servers at once. Fortunately, PowerShell makes this easy! Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator on an Exchange server and execute the following: PowerShell Script to […]

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