Export Outlook Contacts and Import into Google

How to Export contacts out of Outlook to Import into Google

First open Outlook and get to the Import/Export option

  • Outlook XP and 2003 go to File > Import and Export
  • Outlook 2007 and 2010 go to File > Open > Import

Select “Export to a File” and click Next

Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next

Select “Contacts” from under the users lifetouch.com account and click Next

Click Browse and create a file on the desktop or a easy to find location, file can be named anything they want then click Finish

Open Google Contacts
Click ‘More’ and select ‘Import…’
Choose File and select the CSV that you exported earlier
Then click Import

This will import all the data, it may take a minute to import a large file. Refresh or reload the screen to see the imported items.

There may be duplicates, but Google automatically creates a group with the date of the import to show only the imported items.
Selecting this group will have an option at the top about merging the duplicates.
Clicking Find & merge duplicates will bring up a window showing each duplicate that was found and the user can check the entries to see if they want them merged or not.

Click Merge to update of the selected duplicates.