Group Policy: Deploy a Google Chrome Extension

Google provides an option between an ADM file (windows 2003 server) and an ADMX file (windows 2008).
Once imported, the ADM/X file will add additional options to your Group Policy Object.
Click here to download the ADM file (Server 2003)
Click here to download the ADMX file (Server 2008)
Please open your Group Policy Management console.
Right click your domain and select “Create and Link a GPO here”.

Name your new GPO (in our case we just name it SoftWatch)

Right Click your new GPO and select “Edit”. You should get a new window. In it:

Expand Computer Configuration

Right Click “Administrative Templates”
Click on “Add/Remove Templates”

Click on “Add”
Point to the ADM/ADMX file

Click “Open”
Click “Close”
You should now see “Google” as an additional folder inside the Administrative Templates.

Inside Administrative Templates, please expand “Google”->”Google Chrome”->”Extensions”:
Double click on “Configure the list of force-installed extensions”

Select “enabled”

Click “Show”

Click “Add”
Paste the following line into the text holder:

Click “OK”
Click “OK”
Click “Apply” and “OK”
Your users should now get the extension during the next policy update.