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Enable IMAP on all Exchange 2013/2016 Servers

IMAP and POP3 are disabled on Exchange Server 2013 and 2016 servers by default. Chances are if you need to enable it, you’ll need to enable it on all your servers at once. Fortunately, PowerShell makes this easy! Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator on an Exchange server and execute the following: PowerShell Script to […]

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How to reset pswds for AD user acct via PowerShell

Open PowerShell in admin mode and enter the following: Make sure to have a .csv file with a column name of “Username” and “Password”     Import-Module ActiveDirectory  $UserPwds = Import-CSV C:\users\msgeek\desktop\Users.CSV  ForEach($User in $UserPwds)  {        Set-adaccountpassword $User.UserName -reset -newpassword (Convertto-Securestring -asplaintext $($User.Password) -force)  }     

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PowerShell – Setting Permissions for Office 365 using Powershell to user another users Mailbox

To configure a user to view another users mailbox, follow these steps:   1) This step will show you what your execution policy is on your computer. Depending on what execution policy you have will determine what scripts you can run. Theresfore, it is important that you do this step before starting so that you are sure […]

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PowerShell – How to Add and Remove Calendar and Contacts permission’s for Office 365 User’s via PowerShell

How to add, and remove, contacts and calendars permissions for users of Office 365 by using PowerShell. This can be useful should you have trouble trying to add permissions over Outlook. The first you need to connect to the Office 365 Exchange Powershell, open a Powershell session and enter these commands, providing your Office 365 admin account details […]

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Export List of Users from AD and all Proxy Addresses

If you need a list of users and their respective proxy addresses then the command below will do this 🙂   Get-ADUser –Filter * –Properties proxyaddresses | Select-Object Name, @{L = “ProxyAddresses”; E = { $_.ProxyAddresses -join “;”}} | Export-Csv –Path c:\temp\proxyaddresses.csv –NoTypeInformation

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