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Google Apps Manager (GAM) – delete all user calendar events

If you need to delete all the events from a Google calendar you can do the following. First, you need to have the Calendar ID email address (this is not the user’s email). It can be found in the calendar settings. Example: (Calendar ID: Command: gam calendar <calendar email> wipe events     gam calendar […]

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Google Apps Manager (GAM) – delete email from all Google mailboxes in your domain

If you get a request to delete an email from a large number of user mailboxes or all Google mailboxes, you can run the following commands. This is useful as well when you need to remove existing SPAM from mailboxes.     Delete emails from a specific sender: gam all users delete messages query “” maxtomodify 100 doit […]

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Adding Delegates in Google Mail

Adding Delegates in Google Mail Login to the google account with the user for whom you will be adding delegates.   Click on the “Gear” (upper right corner) and from the drop down menu select “Settings. Click on the “Accounts” tab. Click on the “Add Another Account” link in “Grant access to your account.” . […]

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Export Outlook Contacts and Import into Google

How to Export contacts out of Outlook to Import into Google First open Outlook and get to the Import/Export option Outlook XP and 2003 go to File > Import and Export Outlook 2007 and 2010 go to File > Open > Import Select “Export to a File” and click Next Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows) […]

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Gmail: Create nested labels

*  Gmail: Create nested labels In your old mail system, you might have organized your mail messages in folders. If you had a lot of different categories of messages, you probably nested your folders in a hierarchy. That way, you could find a message by navigating and opening your folders. In Gmail, you can do […]

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Never send emails to SPAM in Google

Emails that automatically go to the SPAM folder and are not suppose to go there. You can set it so it never goes to SPAM using a filter. Select the email(s) that you want to never go to SPAM: 1. select “filter messages like these” 2. create filter with this search 3. select “Never send […]

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