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Use PowerShell to disable scheduled tasks

How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable a scheduled task? Use the Disable-ScheduledTask cmdlet and specify the task name, for example: Disable-ScheduledTask -TaskName “SystemScan”     How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable all scheduled tasks in a particular folder? Use the Get-ScheduledTask cmdlet to enumerate the scheduled tasks in the folder, and […]

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PowerShell: Use a destructive PowerShell cmdlet safely

PowerShell has a built-in safety switch to many of its cmdlets. The –whatif parameter, which is meant to show you what would happen if you used a PowerShell cmdlet without actually executing the cmdlet. An example of this in action is in the following Remove-Item cmdlet.   This will attempt to remove the document, HSG-Article-Sean-Should-Not-Lose.docx, without […]

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Installing and enabling IIS and FTP on Windows Server 2008 R2

Open Server Manager, go to Roles and click “Add Roles” In the Add Role Wizard, select Web Server (IIS) role to install Click Next until you reach Select Role Services page, leave the default and check FTP Server, FTP Service and FTP Extensibility at the bottom. Click Next, follow the wizard and finish the role installation. Now […]

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How to Logoff Remote Desktop Sessions from the Command Line

It’s happened to all of us. You try to logon to an administrative remote desktop on a server, but you can’t because both administrative RDP sessions are in use. Oftentimes this is because other admins have simply disconnected their remote desktop session, rather than logoff as they should. Here’s a simple way to determine which […]

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Creating a Remote Mailbox in an Exchange Hybrid Environment

If you operate an Exchange hybrid environment you will eventually want to create Exchange Online mailboxes for new users without creating them on-premises and migrating them. The easiest way to do this is to create the new user object and remote mailbox from the on-prem Exchange Admin Center (EAC). Logon to the on-premises Exchange Admin […]

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