How to Restart and Shutdown Windows 8

The Windows 8 Developer Preview has introduced us to the new touch screen friendly Metro-based Windows Start Screen, which at this point appears to be slated to replace the Start Menu for both desktop/laptop and tablet form factors. For desktop and laptop users the new Start Screen is creating some challenges, such as the ability to easily locate the restart, shutdown, or log off options. These options have traditionally been found on the Start Menu, but since Windows 8 is being “reimagined” by Microsoft as a “touch first” operating system, optimized for tablets, which generally do not require shutting down or restarting, the new Metro-based Start Screen only provides options for locking the screen and logging off the current user. However, you can properly shutdown and restart your computer using a couple different methods.

Method #1

Open the Settings pane on the Start Screen by hovering your mouse pointer over the bottom left corner of the screen where the Start Button used to be, and a pseudo-looking Start Menu (called the Start Orb) will appear.

Click on Settings, and the Settings pane will appear on the right side of the screen.

Click on the Power button and select Shut down, Restart, or Sleep (if your system supports the Sleep function) from the menu that pops up.

Method #2:

From the Start Screen or an Explorer window you can press Alt+F4 and it will bring up a classic Windows shutdown screen where you can select Shut down, Restart, Sleep, or Log off.