How to Use PowerShell to Create AD User Accounts in Bulk in Windows Server 2016

Lets get started..

1 – For this demo, I will use my existing AD Server with domain and previously created empty OU call Network Branch.

My Network Branch OU is now empty without any User in it, so I would like to import 25 users in just 1 shot.


2 – For this step, you need a Notepad with Your Domain user information. This can be done in MS Excel. See example here.



3 – After you have modify the script, save it (make sure you save it in .CSV format) & copy the script into C:\Users\Administrator folder.

verify the file by run DIR Powershell Command


4 – in CMD, run this command and press enter :

CSVDE -i -f users.csv

if everything ok, you will see a command stated * entries modified successfully.


5 – Now open your Active Directory Users & Computers, and refresh the interface. You will see your users that you type in the bulk user script now listed in your specific OU.


6 – Next, highlight all your newly created users, right click and choose Enable Account.

When you Enable Account, then only your selected users can log into their system.

67Thank you!