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How to Add Multiple Servers in Windows Server 2016

While managing your server and configuring it, you can add multiple servers to Server Manager in Windows server2008, 2012 or 2016. When added you can receive online or offline status and create group based on their functions, location or any other organizational paradigm. Therefore, you can configure them fully from Server Manager like: adding roles […]

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Configure DHCP Server After Installing Step By Step

DHCP Server is one of the critical parts of today’s network. When somebody request for IP (Internet Protocol), instead of a network administrator, a server distributes IP for the device. It is more effective and less expensive. Also, DHCP server provides more information to the clients such as default gateway, subnet mask. DHCP allows hosts to […]

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Install DHCP Server on Windows Server 2016

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol used in Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The DHCP server automatically distributes IP for network interfaces and devices. When somebody sends a request for IP, instead of a network administrator, DHCP server distributes IP address, based on the DHCP server configurations. Here’s how to install DHCP Server on windows […]

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How to Install DNS Server on Windows Server 2016

When you install windows server it is just a box, nothing it there like services, if you want to use the services you should install and configure them manually whether DHCP or DNS or other services. The DNS stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and when you create an account on a server or domain controller, […]

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6 Benefits Nano Server Will Bring to Hyper-V

In April 2015, Microsoft announced a new feature available in Windows Server 2016 called Nano Server. It is similar to Windows Server Core mode but remarkably smaller. Apparently there are big plans in store for Nano Server. Jeffery Snover, lead architect for Windows Server, consistently stated throughout the Microsoft Ignite event, “Nano Server is the […]

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