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How to deploy Windows Nano Server on vSphere

Windows Nano Server is a super lightweight version of Windows Server that was “built for the Cloud”. When I first heard of it I immediately became curious, because it resembles VMware’s ESXi in many ways: It is an embedded-like and headless system with a very small footprint and can be managed only remotely. It has […]

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Configure Windows Server Containers on a Local System

Setup/Installation Currently there are 3 ways that containers and be utilized. Containers Host – Manual To install the Containers feature manually is straight forward. Setup a Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 installationNOTE: This does not necessarily mean that your physical host needs to be running Windows Server 2016 TP3. This post highlights TP3 running […]

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How to Add Multiple Servers in Windows Server 2016

While managing your server and configuring it, you can add multiple servers to Server Manager in Windows server2008, 2012 or 2016. When added you can receive online or offline status and create group based on their functions, location or any other organizational paradigm. Therefore, you can configure them fully from Server Manager like: adding roles […]

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Configure DHCP Server After Installing Step By Step

DHCP Server is one of the critical parts of today’s network. When somebody request for IP (Internet Protocol), instead of a network administrator, a server distributes IP for the device. It is more effective and less expensive. Also, DHCP server provides more information to the clients such as default gateway, subnet mask. DHCP allows hosts to […]

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