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Crash Course in Active Directory Organizational Unit Design

In this article the author discusses Active Directory Organizational Unit design and gives tips on the design strategy and how they are best utilized. Introduction Active Directory has not changed too much over the years. Since it was first introduced in 2000, the concepts around the organizational structure of Active Directory have not changed. There […]

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[Exchange Tutorial] How to create mail enabled contact?

Contact  is ideal when you want user to communicate with non-Microsoft mail system and external SMTP addresses. It is know as recipient in older exchange environment,  now in Exchange 2003, contacts are created in Active Directory and viewed in the Global Catalog in the same manner as a mail-enabled user object. Each contact can be […]

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How to Create Users and User Templates in Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

You probably already know that a User Account in Active Directory is an Active Directory Object, or simply said, a record in an AD database. Most of the time we create user accounts for people, however user accounts can also be created for applications or processes. User accounts allow a person to access resources on […]

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File System Planning for Active Directory 101

When you are going to install Active Directory in an organization, it’s always wise to consider the base operating system install and to verify that a few important configurations are done in advance. One of the most important being the planning of the local server file system. Although commonly not overlooked, it is not commonly […]

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Server 2008 Active Directory User Groups — the Easy Way!

User Groups and Organizational Units are two great ways of keeping your Active Directory organized and controlled. Why would we want to do that? Well, let’s say for example that we have this one shared folder on our network that we want only our Sales Department to have access to. Without groups in your Active […]

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