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Can’t remove additional Exchange mailboxes

I’ve added some additional Exchange mailboxes to my account but now I can’t seem to remove them anymore in Outlook as they don’t show up in my account settings or the additional mailboxes list. Right clicking on a mailbox and choosing “Close <mailbox>” produces the error: “This group of folders is associated with an e-mail […]

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How To Migrate On Premises Exchange Mailbox To Office 365

Creating hybrid environment gives the facility to work with both On-premise Exchange as well as Exchange Online. Once the hybrid environment is created, moving mailbox from on premise to online Exchange is a simple job to do. This segment shares the steps that can be followed to move on premise mailbox to Office 365 and […]

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Shared Mailbox deleted and sent items separation

Most of us who has used Shared Mailbox in Microsoft Exchange environment, met with users complaints that emails which they sent a message using the shared mailbox account goes to Sent Items personal mailbox. This behavior is normal for example when we use Microsoft Outlook with a personal mailbox and automapped shared mailbox. Then when […]

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How-To Add an Additional Mailbox in Outlook 2010

Adding an additional mailbox to your Outlook 2010 profile is very simple as long as you know where to look.  I’ve already covered the process for Outlook 2007 but since Microsoft moved things around with Outlook 2010, I figured I would cover the step-by-step again using Outlook 2010 screenshots. How-To Add a Mailbox to Outlook […]

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