Use PowerShell to disable scheduled tasks

How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable a scheduled task? Use the Disable-ScheduledTask cmdlet and specify the task name, for example: Disable-ScheduledTask -TaskName “SystemScan”     How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable all scheduled tasks in a particular folder? Use the Get-ScheduledTask cmdlet to enumerate the scheduled tasks in the folder, and then pipe the objects to […]

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PowerShell: Use a destructive PowerShell cmdlet safely

PowerShell has a built-in safety switch to many of its cmdlets. The –whatif parameter, which is meant to show you what would happen if you used a PowerShell cmdlet without actually executing the cmdlet. An example of this in action is in the following Remove-Item cmdlet.   This will attempt to remove the document, HSG-Article-Sean-Should-Not-Lose.docx, without actually removing it. Remove-Item .\HSG-Article-Sean-Should-Not-Lose.docx […]

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Setting Distribution Group Delivery Restrictions via PowerShell

Adjusting the delivery restrictions on distribution groups is quite a common task. The more members a group has the more of a problem this ends up being in big organisations. Setting the permissions in the Exchange Management Console (EMC) is simple enough when you have one or two people/groups to add to the allowed list. When you have many user/groups […]

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