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Email Fundamentals: How to Read Email Message Headers

The headers of an email message contain very useful information for Exchange Server administrators. Header information includes such things as which email servers were involved in the transmission of the message, and whether the email message was scanned for spam or viruses. This is useful both for internal and external email messages. In one recent […]

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Windows Server 2003 DNS Server Setup

About DNS (Domain Name System). This tutorial documents the steps needed to create an internal DNS Server that will allow you to use “friendly” names within your LAN (Local Area Network) or provide a platform for Host Headers to be used within your IIS (Internet Information Services) configuration. To find out more about DNS, visit […]

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Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration on Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2003 and, subsequently, Windows Server 2008 shipped with security locked down by default.  Part of this locking down is Internet Explorer Enhanced Security, which is an extra layer of protection when surfing the internet using Internet Explorer.  Some people want to disable it.  That’s OK, Microsoft allows that, and that’s what this tutorial […]

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Creating the first Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller in a domain

When I was first starting to mess with servers, I dived into Windows Server 2000 and 2003. While reading books about Server 2003 I encountered this website that helped me setup my very first DC at home 🙂 years ago  http://www.visualwin.com/ I recommend this site for techs that want to start familiarizing themselves with Servers […]

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How to Create a Vacation Away Message for (Almost) Any Email Account

If you are heading out of town, you might want to put a note on your email to let people know where to contact you. Or just to let them know to contact somebody else while you’re away. Here’s how to setup a vacation responder for (almost) any email account. Setting Up a Vacation Responder […]

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