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How to Create A Windows Server Container

To create a basic Windows Container, I’ll use the docker run command which will create a Windows Nano Server 2016 Container without a specific name. open port or any other customization. The -it switch will automatically enter you Into the Container terminal docker run -it microsoft/nanoserver To create a Windows Container with a custom name […]

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How To Deploy Windows Containers

In this article, I’ll show you how to deploy Windows Containers on Windows Server 2016 with the Docker Engine management tool. Windows Containers was first released with Windows Server 2016 and it was In the making for a few years before the release. The management tool for Windows Containers Is Docker Engine which offers a set […]

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9 Things That Will Help You Understand Windows Containers

What Is Windows Containers? Windows Containers Is a new Server Technology that allows us to run a clean Instance of Windows Server on the same Host. Windows Containers are not VMs because they share the kernel with the container host and all other containers running on it. Windows Containers keep a sandbox file that records […]

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Configure Windows Server Containers on a Local System

Setup/Installation Currently there are 3 ways that containers and be utilized. Containers Host – Manual To install the Containers feature manually is straight forward. Setup a Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 installationNOTE: This does not necessarily mean that your physical host needs to be running Windows Server 2016 TP3. This post highlights TP3 running […]

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