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Using PowerShell to Get Mailbox Database Size and Available New Mailbox Space

As your Exchange Server mailbox databases grow you’re eventually going to be interested in finding out two things – how large the database file is, and how much available new mailbox space is in the database. “Available new mailbox space” is sometimes referred to as “white space”, although the folks at Microsoft will tell you that is […]

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Giving one user access to another’s mailbox via PowerShell

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to give one user access to another user’s mailbox. The first user may be in the hospital, or under HR review, or maybe they’ve been dropping the ball lately and management need to make sure that certain projects have been followed up on. It’s not really […]

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Managing Active Directory with PowerShell

Introduction There’s no question that PowerShell is here to stay as an automation tool for Windows. And with it, comes a variety of ways to automate management Windows infrastructure. For sure one of the most important areas where PowerShell automation can provide big benefit, is in the management of Active Directory. AD lends itself to […]

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PowerShell Intro

Introduction PowerShell is the most powerful automation tool that Microsoft has to offer, and its both a shell and a scripting language. Please note that this series is based on PowerShell 3, which ships with Windows 8 and Server 2012. If you are running Windows 7 please download the PowerShell 3 update before you continue. […]

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