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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Intro

Let’s imagine you’re a system administrator at a large company. You are implementing a new network of several hundred computers. All is fine and well until you realize: you have to manually input every single IP address, subnet mask, and gateway settings onto every single computer. You’re paid well, but maybe not that well. For […]

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10 drawbacks to working in IT

By Brien Posey November 22, 2011, 1:21 PM PST Takeaway: People who are trying to break into IT don’t always know what they’re getting into. This list paints a realistic picture of what may lie ahead. Like most IT pros I know, I occasionally have friends or family ask me to get them a job […]

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How to Subnet a Network

A properly designed subnet can do wonders for the security and performance of a network. The main idea in subnetting is to divide a network into smaller pieces, which we call subnets. Actually implementing a subnet is typically more difficult than simply using the default subnet mask of This usually means that temporary or […]

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MS Outlook still showing old dismissed reminders

If MS outlook still shows reminders that were dismissed previously then you will need to manually remove them. click on Windows Start menu button > Click on Run and type: outlook.exe /cleanreminders This screenshot shows how you enter it, using the /cleanreminders switch as an example. Occasionally you’ll need to use the full path to […]

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How To: Getting VPN to work through NAT firewalls

With the rising popularity of telecommuting and the increasing need to protect their electronic assets, companies large and small have been turning to Virtual Private Networking (VPN). The good news is that many savvy IT departments realize that many of their telecommuting employees share their broadband connections with consumer-grade routers. Those folks have made their […]

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How To: Fixing DNS problems

The inability to open a website by name usually indicates a DNS (Domain Name System) problem. DNS is the service that converts the website URL, i.e. www.yahoo.com into the IP address that is needed for actual communication. A quick way to test this is to try to access the problem website via its IP address […]

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How To: Fixing Router Intermittent Connection Drops

This is one of the most frustrating problems that a broadband user faces. The ISP will probably blame the router. The router vendor will probably blame the ISP. The solution usually lies somewhere in between, but no one seems to want to help. Random disconnect problems are generally hard to pin down because there are […]

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