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PowerShell – How to Add and Remove Calendar and Contacts permission’s for Office 365 User’s via PowerShell

How to add, and remove, contacts and calendars permissions for users of Office 365 by using PowerShell. This can be useful should you have trouble trying to add permissions over Outlook. The first you need to connect to the Office 365 Exchange Powershell, open a Powershell session and enter these commands, providing your Office 365 admin account details […]

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Why does my Windows Service keep forgetting its password?

The mystery: “The service did not start due to a login failure” One of our customers reported a very strange problem last week. After about a day of running flawlessly, their windows service would suddenly fail to start after a reboot. The error reported by the Event Viewer hinted at a problem with the service user’s account: […]

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I took the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam a few weeks ago and passed. woot woot!!  🙂 I am super excited. Now I am going for the Solutions Architect exam next! A big thanks to Udemy and Linux Academy for providing excellent training. Criteria https://aws.amazon.com/certification/certified-cloud-practitioner/ Description The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam enables individuals with an […]

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Building and Deploying Nano Servers

Microsoft has introduced an installation option of Windows Server 2016 that provides an operating system designed and optimized for Cloud operations. Microsoft’s Nano Server is intended to support and run born-in-the-cloud applications and containers. In this article, I will explain how to easily and quickly you can deploy Nano Servers in your server environment, using […]

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Converting from Server 2012 Core install to Full GUI

Windows Server 2012 Core boasts many enticing enhancements which include reducing the installation footprint, attack surface and management overhead.  Features on Demand allows the administrator to remove roles which are not needed to help reduce the disk size required for the installation.  By default all features are stored in the %windir%\winsxs directory, but administrators can […]

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