Connecting Entourage to an Exchange Server at work

Microsoft Entourage 2004 is a Microsoft Exchange Server client for Mac OS X. It supports many, but not all, of the same services as Microsoft Outlook for Windows. Major supported features include email, calendaring and Global Address List (GAL) lookups. Limited support is provided for public folders and delegation.

The following instructions should work for most basic setups. A customizable Applescript is available for Macintosh administrators who are interested in automating the Exchange Server connections for their users.

  1. Launch Entourage 2004 and close the Entourage Setup Assistant window if it appears.
  2. Select About Entourage from the Entourage menu and verify that Entourage is at least version 11.3.3. If necessary download and install the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.4 Update. Close the About Entourage window.

    About Entourage

  3. Select Accounts from the Tools menu and then select Exchange… from the New menu.

    New Exchange Account

  4. If the company’s DNS servers are configured correctly, Entourage can automatically query a Global Catalog Server that is authoritative for the domain and complete the Exchange Server connection. In the Account Setup Assistant window, click the Next button.

    Account Setup Assistant - Automatic configuration

  5. Entourage will attempt to contact a Domain Controller.

    Detecting Domain Controller

  6. If Entourage is unable to automatically configure the Exchange Server connection then click the Configure account manually button.

    Automatic Configuration Failed

  7. In the Edit Account window under Account Settings, enter the following information
    (Some of this information must be provided by the Exchange Server administrator.):

    • Account name: Descriptive name for you to identify your account
    • Name: Your first and last name as you prefer others to see it
    • E-mail address: Your Exchange Server email address
    • Account ID: Your Exchange Server login ID
    • Domain: Your Windows NetBios domain name
    • Exchange server: Your internal Exchange Server address

    Account Settings

  8. In the Edit Account window under Advanced, enter the following information.
    • Public folders server: Address of a public folders server address followed by “/public”
    • LDAP server: Address of a domain Global Catalog server
    • Select: This server requires me to log on

    Optionally, your Exchange Server administrator may require a search base string. This should be left blank unless provided the specific search base string by the Exchange Server administrator.

  9. Click the OK button. The Exchange Server email account will appear in the folders list in the Entourage Mail window and will begin to synchronize.

    Initial synchronization from the Exchange Server to Entourage may take several minutes before completion.